gustaf neumann <> in nsf

avoid dangerous and potentially recursive macro definition "pure"

fix compilation issues with recent version of the Tcl core-8.branch (aka newest Tcl 8.7 branch)

improve spelling

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improve spelling

improve spelling

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don't preallocate elements in Tcl_NewListObj with 2nd arg NULL (deprecated) nsf::__db_get_obj: make sure, the returned dict is valid

trying to understand AppVeyor behavior

still trying to understand AppVeyor behavior

take care on reference count on error message

debugging beahvior under AppVeyor

attempt to understand AppVeyor results

fix shadowing of variable names

fine-tuning of gcc warnings

fix version number

fix but on top-level shell on unknown ensemble submethods

let developer control NDEBUG via Makefile (Tcl seems to define it nowadays)

- fix for the reported by "manfred" on comp.lang.tcl

improve cleanness of compilation

improve fall-through markup for case statements

silence gcc7+: use attribute based approach for denoting fall through in case statements

make unused argument explicitly as unused.

improve cleanness of compilation when compiled without threads

fix missed version bump

Fix endless loop at exit, when compiled without thread support

Many thanks to Pavel Demin for reporting this bug.

Eliminate TCL_INTERP_DESTROYED flag (as suggested by TIP #543)

cleanup after merge

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

add hints for re-tagging

update stats

update tcl.4 file (get rid of macOS warnings about obsolete option "-prebind", likely to become an error in future macOS versions)

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