hectorr in OpenACS

Add column 'attachments_allowed_p' to 'forums_forums', to be used to allow/disallow attachments on a per forum basis. Currently, the attachment logic is package instance wise, so if the forums instance has an attachment instance mounted below, then attachments are assumed to be enabled for all forums in that package instance. The idea with this change is to check for both the attachments instance mounted under a particular forum instance, and the 'attachments_allowed_p' column on 'forums_forums', to decide if attachments are enabled or not (both should be true). Next step would be to rewrite the logic to achieve that.

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file upgrade-1.3.1d12-1.3.1d13.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Trailing whitespace cleanup

Use 'ckfinder::file_attach' instead of 'ckfinder::image_attach', which is not implemented.

Make doc and logging consistent with implementation (image_attach -> file_attach)

Fix regression on enabling/disabling locales

Fix missing XML trailing slash

Cleanup trailing whitespace

Simplify multirow logic using 'template::util::list_to_multirow'

Trailing whitespace cleanup

Add the option to unregister (delete permanently the message key from all locales) a message key that has been already marked as deleted. Useful for cleaning up old message keys

file message-unregister.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file message-unregister.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Fix typo

Fix query and logic for retrieving a particular locale stats for acs-lang admin/index page. In particular, messages that do not exist in a certain locale are properly computed in order to calculate deleted and untranslated ones, at the price of executing one query per locale instead of just a big one.

Whitespace changes

Add parameter 'version' also to 'template::head::add_javascript' and 'template::head::add_script'

Add parameter 'version' to both 'template::head::add_css' and 'template::head::flush_link', in order to add a version to certain resources, as a query parameter, to perform 'cache busting' and forcing retrieval of stale files by the browser

Whitespace changes

Do not assume a package is installed only if it has an entry in the 'apm_package_types' table. This fixes the issue of package upgrade prompting, in not installed packages, that still have an entry in 'apm_package_types'

Allow to undelete a message from acs-lang 'edit-localized-message', instead of showing the option to delete it whatever the state is

Refactor acs-lang 'admin/index' page, adding the new columns 'total' and 'deleted' to the listing, and reworking the query so it is faster (53ms -> 7ms), correct (number of messages by state are computed coherently with other acs-lang pages) and gives more information

file index.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Refactor acs-lang 'message-list', using a single query for counting the different message states instead of one per state, and simplifying tcl logic

Fix typo

Rework acs-lang 'package-list' query 'packages_locale_status' query (89ms -> 4ms)

Rework acs-lang 'package-list' query 'packages_locale_status_default' query (48ms -> 2ms)

Add deleted column to acs-lang 'package-list', and fixed number of messages depending on status, making it coherent with 'message-list'. Also fixed translated/untranslated count on default locale in 'message-list'. Version bump.

file package-list.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Fix untranslated count and view on acs-lang 'message-list' + some refactoring