antoniop in OpenACS

Do not add the language prefix when the lookup already found exactly the page we were trying to reference (complies with current automated tests)

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Check if an upload file was supplied when validating

Bump version number

Small step in the direction of gender-neutral German localization so we don't have to create a downstream message key just for this

Replace acs_object_party_privilege_map with permission api

Replace deprecated view in queries

Rework query to use permission api instead of just removed materialized views

Comment log statement: found_id might not be an object by the time this code is executed

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As stated in xowiki::Package.item_ref, a trailing slash indicates a folder in case of ambiguity

Use a safer varname for xowf tests as well

As apparently test init cases can pollute each other's namespace, use a different variable name

Add page contract

Add ad_include_contract

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Replace string equal idiom

Do not depend on XoTcl in the core

Make test independent from vars defined elsewhere

Fix workflow_constructs automated test: in this case, workflow context is not resolved and "::" is returned instead, which is not a command and would make this proc fail

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Keep the eventual language prefix in the name, as it is useful to distinguish e.g. pages from folders with the same name

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Update italian localization

Fix oracle upgrade, remembering to keep privilege creation, which should indeed happen in the upgrade

Skip column and attribute creation in this upgrade: people will get it from xotcl ORM in version 6.* and this upgrade would conflict

Fix translation

Keep accepting empty values as proper ids, as deprecated ad_var_type_check_integer_p would have done

Specify an explicit format that clock scan can recognize, otherwise results will be unexpected (port from downstream)

Use provided email only when a party exists, in all other cases keep the previous behavior (fixes automated tests)

Use a german gender-neutral wording for "members"

Use a HTML-quote safe idiom to indent categories in the widget

Make sure connection channel is available (e.g. not detached) before returning content, as more recent Naviserver versions would return an error

Make sure files exist

No need to rollback as we don't touch the db