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fix typos

enforce the system locale for the resolver test

extend test cases

whitespace changes

add test for ambiguous page link with language prefix

add page p0 to regression test, provide more logging

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As stated in xowiki::Package.item_ref, a trailing slash indicates a folder in case of ambiguity

As apparently test init cases can pollute each other's namespace, use a different variable name

add tested methods to testcase definition

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make test display nicer

- fix wiki-rendered links to existing folders

- extended regression test

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shorten overlong lines

- provide a better fix for name disambiguation between folders and same named (language prefixed) pages

- extend regression test

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don't use non-existing method name in test specification.

This fixes a bug on openacs.org in source search of API browser.

TODO: the procs specified in the test definition (aa_register_case)

should be checked for existence.

add test case to show nameclash-behavior between folder and item

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fix regression test when system locale is en_US

Make sure init test classes are named differently, or xowiki tests will interfere with xowf ones

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add a comment easier to understand by the casual reader

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Fix doc

Make requiring of a test package instance more generic: the plan is to use it in other contexts

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Require an extra xowiki instance for test shenanigans

Use the xowiki namespace

Cleanup irrelevant comment

Fix typos

add test case for repeated form field with default

use request chaining interface

fix typo

add regression test for recent changes in default handling of checkboxes

# The created form contains several checkboxes, which are

# nasty to handle. When a ceckbox was marked, but is thenq

# # unchecked, this values is NOT returned by the

# browser. The server has to detect by the fact of

# untransmitted values that the instance attribute value

# has to be altered. This is very different to the

# standard cases, where the edited values are transmitted.


# The created form below handles also more complex cases:


# a) a checkbox box1, where a default is set

# b) a repeated checkbox, where one value is provided

# c) a compound field, where the compound field definition

# contains a default for the sub-component.

file xowiki-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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